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    The only way for us to survive and grow in the fierce competition is to provide professional, fast service with reliable and quality products at reasonable price.
    Ruitai Industry Co.,Ltd. has established a standardized customer service process by strictly following international quality system. She strictly observes contractual requirements and product technical specifications to provide clients with professional services so as to furthest satisfy customer' needs. Our customer process has clearly defined the aim that “fast and effectively provides quality services before, during and after sales process”. Any behaviors unfavorable to customer rational interests shall be prohibited." Strict operating procedures are followed to solve problems for customers.

    Important notes:

    Fast service
    We understand very well about the significance of fast services. In order to acquire fast service, we signed long-term cooperation agreement with these spare part suppliers and courier companies.

    24/7 hotline
    Provide 24/7 (24hours/7days per week) call for clients. 24/7 hotline : 0086 159-9071-2130

    Something we don’t do:
    a, we are not serving all brands; We are not serving some brands such as Detroit diesel at this stage.
    b, we are not providing market information such as A generator manufacturer buy how many pieces of AVMS from Ruitai. Ruitai will always keep the business secret for all of our clients and will not release any relevant information to other companies or individuals.

    Transportation solutions:
    It is always our concern to try to reduce your sea freight costs. We will try our best to cooperate with you to reduce your purchasing costs.
    1,For FCL or LCL cargo.,we always choose reliable shipping lines such as MEARSK, CMA, COSCO,NYK LINE, APL. Ship together with your other goods loaded in any port of China.
    2,For urgent delivery:, we choose reliable courier service such as DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEXPress, EMS.

    I. Service Process:
    1. Before Sales Service: Once we receive calls and mails from clients, thoughtfully and patiently clarify needs and recommend optimum solutions to clients. In the meantime, actively and carefully learn good suggestions from clients and continuously improve service level and professionalism
    .2. During Sales Service: Responsible for clients, actively and earnestly follow contracts for execution, ensure good quality spare parts and accessories and in-time delivery, keep timely communication with customers.
    3. After Sales Service: Repairing and maintenance of sold products as well as relevant product consultation are all managed by Service Center . It is responsible for the organization and control of after sales service as well as critical maintenance and urgent support for the sold products in the world. But clients can always call his sales representative for one-stop service.
    4. Assign personnel to specially track the quality feedback from clients, carry out the system of quality feedback sheet and quality tracking card and establish perfect customer feedback response system.
    5. Strictly stick to the service principles: (1)Enforce a system of “Firstly asked, overall responsibility” means the staff who has the first contact from clients shall follow the case till it is fully solved. (2) Actively take advices from customers.

    II. Quality Commitment

    The spare parts and accessories sold by Ruitai Industry Co.,Ltd. are all proven products provided by excellent partners in the industry. The products have passed reasonable and strict quality test in accordance with ISO international quality system. All Ruitai's products will be inspected by our QC department before they are provided to customers.
    Effective test reports from the manufacturer will be provided. User manuals will be accompanied with products for customers to follow the operational standards.

    III. Supply and Assurance
    1. Spare Parts Storage:
    Ruitai Industry Co.,Ltd. has established a good storage system with its partners, which can provide relevant spare parts within shortest time according to customer requirements.
    2. Service Assurance:
    (1). Warranty time is one year normally;
    (2). Provide Operation and Maintenance manuals;
    3. Our company stores adequate spare parts. During the warranty time, if problems are caused by quality discrepancy, spare parts will be replaced freely. After the warranty time, spare parts for clients will be charged at cost prices;
    4. Hold trainings for customers and maintenance groups regularly with no charge, or actively perform relevant product technical exchange based on clients' needs;
    5. During the specified life time, initiatively assist customers to maintain products;
    6. provide up-to-date new products and new technology information;
    7. Responsible for debugging the products sold in China with no charge;
    8. Provide upgraded control systems for customers.

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