DSE5100D Battery Charger 24V 10A Stamford avr,Leroy somer avr,avr,Deep SEA controller supplier in china
  • Caterpillar AVR VR6
  • Mecc Alte AVR SR7
  • Stamford AVR
  • Load Sharing module LSM672
  • Name:DSE5100D Battery Charger 24V 10A
  • Model No.:DSE5100D
  • Tags:DSE5100D Battery Charger 24V 10A
  • Detailed Datasheet
  • Description----charger DSE 5100D It is the charger electricizing with float form,has over current protection, short circuit protection,fail to charge up and tiny electricizing functions. It has the feature as electricizing quickly and safe.also can adjust current automatically depend on the different speed rate of rising voltage from different battery while working.It represents the newest charging technology. Current: 6-12A voltage:12V,24V

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