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  • Caterpillar AVR VR6
  • Mecc Alte AVR SR7
  • Stamford AVR
  • Load Sharing module LSM672
  • Name:Load Sharing Module Synchronizer SYC6714
  • Model No.:PER6714
  • Tags:Synchronizer PER6714
  • Detailed Datasheet
  • Description----the PER6714 is an accessory module which adjusts the speed governor to obtain an equal phase relationship between the oncoming generator and the main bus.
    Generator and main bus ac inputs
    Sensitivity----50 VRMS-500 VRMS(line-to-line or line-neutral)
    Frequency----50 or 60 HZ Nom(400Hz,special order)
    Isolation----1000V min
    Burden----less than 2.5 VA
    Wide Voltage Range----10-40V DC
    Current Required----less than 200 ma
    Breaker Closure Window Size----1celsius-25celsius

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