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  • Load Sharing module LSM672
  • Name:Load Sharing module LSM672
  • Model No.:PER672
  • Tags:Load Share Model PER672
  • Detailed Datasheet
  • Description----The function of the Load Sharing Module is to proportionally share load between two or more generator sets while the system frequency is held constant.As an accessory to the electronic Governing System,the PER 672 measures the true power current ,and throught a parallel cable interconnection,continuously controls the governor system.
     Load Sharing……Adjustable to within +/-2% between sets
    Performance…….Isochronous and droop paralleling and power control
    Reverse Power Monitor….Adjustable from 0.5-20% with a 2 second inverse time constant
    Forward Power Monitor……“ON”trip point adjustable from 20-100%                       
                                                “OFF”trip point adjustable from 0-80%                  
                                                   Normally open contacts with a 2 second inverse time constant
    Power Output Signal…….0 to 7.5 Volts DC representing 0-100% load
    All performance specifications are based on 5 amps from the current transformer(CT) Secondaries at full load unity P.F.
    Power input
    AC input signals….. 208 or 416 volt nominal line to line and 5 amp CTs with a minimum 6.25 VA rating.                    Internal 0.25 ohm burden resistors
    Line to line voltages………per table below            
    HZ      LOW RANGE       HIGH RANGE           
    50      140-250 VAC         260-420 VAC            
    60      170-260 VAC         340-500 VAC           
    400     170-260 VAC         340-500 VAC
    DC Supply………..18-36 VDC(Transient and reverse voltage protected)
    DC Power Consumption……….70 ma continuous


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