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  • Name:electronic interface module EAM108
  • Model No.:EAM108
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  • Detailed Datasheet
  •       EAM108
          The EAM 108 is an electronic interface module designed for use with the Woodward 8290 speed control. The module accepts a nominal 5.0V DC signal and provides a 1.5V DC signal output to the 8290 control. DC power for the module is supplied from the 24V DC battery that powers the 8290 control.
          See Wiring Diagram.
          Note: The common battery minus connection between the 8290, EAM 108, and the GAC auto -
          sync and load sharing system should be as direct as possible electrically (minimum voltage difference).
          Input impedance (terminals D & A)               60K ohms
          Output impedance (terminals 11 & 12)           5.8K ohms
          Nominal output voltage (terminals 11 & 12)       1.50V DC
          Output voltage range ((terminals 11 & 12)        0-2.6V DC
          Nominal input voltage (terminals D & A)          5.0V DC
          Transfer function                              -1.9 volts/volt (without trim pot)       -1.1 volts/volt (with trim pot)
          Temperature range                           -400 to +850 C
          DC supply range (terminals 1 & 12)             15 to 32V DC
          DC supply current (terminals 1 & 12)            20mA
          Trim pot (terminals A, B,& C)                   use 5K trim potentiometer

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